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Dall·E 2 vs Dall·E 3 - Like night and day differences


On September 2023, OpenAI announced new text-to-image model, Dall·E 3. I first got the oppurtunity to try Dall e 3 when my company give access to ChatGPT Pro, which include the Dall E 3 model. I am pretty excited because the image generated is far better than Dall·E 2 that I've explored with some times ago.

So today, I create a simple python program and incorporated the OpenAI's Image Generation API to redo the prompt from previous Dall·E 2 experiment. Note that the Dall·E 2 images shows below are generated on November 2022.

Below is the image comparison of the Dall·E 2 and Dall·E 3 side-by side. Sorry for the inconsistent image sizes.

1. A realistic image of a boss cat doing work in office

Dall·E 2Dall·E 3
Boss Cat Dall e 2Boss Cat Dall·E 3
Totally unsatisfying, the picture is not realistic at all.The picture is much more realistic and nicely composed. Also, cute.

2. A digital art of a lighthouse and with andromeda galaxy at the background

Dall·E 2Dall·E 3
Lighthouse Dall e 2Lighthouse dalle3
Good, just a bit cartoonishSatisfied. Nicely composed. But it looks like earth has no atmosphere at all (The galaxy should looks faded, but I assume maybe it uses long focal length setting)

3. Realistic image of human civilization on Mars

Dall·E 2Dall·E 3
Mars dall e23040 dalle3
Ok good enoughBetter, have more life

4. A depiction of life in year 3040

Dall·E 2Dall·E 3
3040 dalle2Dalle3 mars
Looks stressful, apocalypse like scenario (maybe because this image is generated just after the spike of Covid-19 era)Future-modern life like depicted in most of my primary school textbooks

5. Profile picture with a man and cat in tech environment

Dall·E 2Dall·E 3
Human Cat Dall e2Dalle3 pfp
Good enough, but why the cat is sad thoughNot composed nicely. The cat looks more realistic than the human.


Malaysia Programmer (Generated via ChatGPT using Dall·E model)

Scrensht ChatGPT

Malaysia Prayer time logo for mobile app

mpt chatgpt logo

Overall, I think Dall E·3 now are able to generate results that are richer in context and eye-pleasing. For those who want to see python script used to generate the image, please refer to GitHub repository openai-dalle2 & openai-dall-e3.